Saturday, September 27, 2014

We are Ecole Dickinsfield School,
and we're becoming more green!

We are very proud to have started
the first school garden in Fort McMurray.
We have large scale indoor worm composting,
an indoor tower garden and
an experimental outdoor composting area.
We're thrilled to be part of a growing trend. 

We live in the northern Boreal Forest
in Fort McMurray, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo,
Northern Alberta, Canada

We are a pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6 school
with about 700 children
60 staff, and a parent base of about 1000.
That's a large community of people!

Our Mission Statement:
At Ecole Dickinsfield School
we are a nurturing community of leaders
who inspire lifelong learning,
respect and responsibility for self,
others, our environment and our world.
As a school community,
we are growing in our environmental understanding
 and responsibility together, and we're helping ourselves
 truly get better with our ecological footprint.
We are a school that does this together.
We're teaching ourselves and our school families
that with a little bit of time and a change of habits,
 you can have very little garbage,
a cleaner world and some great food.

We hope we inspire you to be more green too!

Updated, 2017